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Health Education and Training (HEAT) Corps is a virtual program for K-12 students designed to teach them about various science-related topics in the hopes of increasing their health literacy skills and ability to make informed decisions regarding their health. Leading health professionals at Johns Hopkins created the well-crafted HEAT Corps curriculum to make it engaging, developmentally appropriate, and educational for K-12 students. Trained Hopkins volunteers (including medical residents, nursing students, and public health graduate students) delivered over 2,000 virtual COVID-19 sessions to students in over 100 schools, since its launch in 2020. Sessions extended internationally, facilitating HEAT Corps workshops in six countries, including Canada, Cypress, Greece, Sudan, Guatemala, and India. The program continues to grow, with plans to expand to Panamá and Tanzania. To learn more about HEAT Corp and the impact, visit heatcorps.jhu.edu.